As previously noted, it’s going to be crazy from now through November 2 (and then possibly beyond).  The reports of fraud at the polls are beginning to roll in already and I expect to see more.  So I’ll post the link here and update this post as  I find more.

Stay tuned!

(Tip: When voting, be sure to pay close attention when you cast your ballot.  If you notice ANY problems, report them to poll workers immediately (be polite but vocal), record them (video) if you can, and let both the press and the political candidate/group know about it right away.  Take names of everyone involved.)

Florida 9: Daytona Beach Commissioner Arrested On Fraud Charges (10/27/2010)

Illinois Lawmakers May Probe Late Military Ballots (10/26/2010)

Fox 5 News: Voters Suspicious Of Fraud At Ballot Box (10/25/2010)
Washington Examiner: Nevada voting machines automatically checking Harry Reid’s name; voting machine technicians are SEIU members (10/26/2010) – similar to above except for the details about SEIU technicians

New York DNA From Democrats: Troy Voter Fraud Case Goes to Lab (10/21/2010)

North Carolina
Sun Journal: Voter reports problem with ballot machine (10/23/2010)

National Review Online: Exclusive: Patrick Murphy’s Campaign Linked to Fictitious Voter Office Scandal (10/27/2010)