**WOW!** Please STOP calling.  See the **UPDATE** below.

A situation has arisen with the Freshmen Orientation being sponsored by Tea Party Patriots this weekend.  DC insiders, the RNC, and lobbyists are already trying to push the Tea Party aside and co-opt the incoming Congressmen.

Several days after the Tea Party Patriots (TPP) announced their Freshman Orientation, another organization, Claremont Institute, announced that they were having one too…on the same day…at the same time. The Claremont Institute is promoting their event in a way that makes it appear as an “Official” Freshman Orientation, and it is causing some confusion with the Freshmen.  The TPP attempted to reach out to the Claremont Institute to address this, even offering to combine the events, but were rudely rebuffed.

So be it…GAME ON!

Here’s what you need to do:  On the TPP site about this there is a list of all incoming Freshmen who have been invited to attend.  Please check the list and call AND email the Freshmen for your state, especially if they are your Representative, and let them know your opinion.

**UPDATE**  Great job, patriots! The TPP now reports that we were heard loud and clear.  In fact, you were heard SO well that the TPP is asking that we STOP CALLING…for now.  E-mailing them is probably still ok, however.  Every congressperson-elect reportedly received over 500 calls each within a 24-hour period.  You can get the full report from the TPP here.