Sigh…another natural phenomenon attributed to global warming when it’s not.  The article here says that the world’s largest lakes are warming.  That may be true but it’s not due to global warming.  The reason is that the world’s largest lakes (freshwater) were carved out by glaciers during the last ice age and filled up when they melted (yes, the end of the ice age WAS due to global warming but it was not man-made).  When those glaciers were standing, their weight caused compression of the earth’s crust beneath them.  Once they melted (and filled the lakes with fresh water), the pressure/weight was released (because most of the water flowed elsewhere) and the crust has been slowly rebounding (rising) ever since.

So, what happens when a body of water becomes shallower over time?  It’s temperature increases because sunlight is able to penetrate a greater percentage of the water’s depth.  Ta-DA!  A natural explanation that is verifiable and does not require man-made global warming to explain it.  In fact, localized warming around the lakes is actually explained by the rising of the lake bottom and doesn’t require man-made global warming to do so.

(Note: I did notice that the article never claimed “man-made” global warming but they also didn’t mention that this is a natural occurrence.)