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Actually, I’m just posting these so that I can find them in the future.  These are some of those topics that just come up every so often that leaves me looking for where I found them in the first place.

“Cain And Abel routing”: How to use Cain & Abel for DNS poisoning and hacking

“SQL Injection – Walking through walls.”: Techniques for doing SQL injection


The night before Christmas is a magical time for me most years. The holidays are typically a mad rush of preparations, parties, and activities up until Christmas Eve. But on this night, after a candlelight service with the church, the festive foods from a late dinner are put away, when the kids are in bed and the wife is winding down her last minute wrapping of gifts and stuffing the stockings, everything slows down and I can just reflect.  (A rare luxury for me indeed.)  Tonight, my reflections are on ghosts and spirits of Christmases past.

Ghosts of Christmases Past

The Daily Mail out of the UK had an interesting article today about photos just released of Christmas celebrations on December 18, 1941, by Hitler and members of his SS officers and Nazi party.  This may seem like an odd item of reflection on this night but read the article and bear with me…I’ll explain my musings.

The Nazis were pretenders…usurpers more precisely…and ironically that hasn’t changed when it comes to how they’re thought of in the public consciousness today.  Hitler brought his Nazi party into power by promising great things without explaining how these things would be achieved and the German people, hungry for relief from tough economic times, didn’t really ask any questions: neither when power was being seized nor when their government was transformed to Socialism.  Yes, Nazis are Socialists and therefore kin to Communists.  The word ‘Nazi’ is a German abbreviation of ‘National Socialists’.  (There are some well-researched and documented videos online that can give you a much further explanation if you’re interested, so I won’t reinvent the wheel in this post.)  But today most people associate Nazism and Fascism with right-wing ideology.  The truth is, they’re actually leftist ideologically…the other side of the leaf with Communism on the same branch of the tree of governmental systems.

So, what does this have to do with Christmases past?  Easy…Hitler and the Nazis stole (or, rather, attempted to steal) Christmas.  The meaning of Christmas was incompatible with their ideology, as was Christianity in general.  (No, John Q. Public, the Nazis and Hitler were not Christians.  A cursory examination of history makes that quite apparent.)  But it’s rarely possible to suddenly change a culture so they donned the sheep’s clothing, went through the motions, and injected their own symbology, meanings, and traditions to usurp it.  So read the article, look at the pictures, and see what’s in their faces.  If you see anything familiar in the faces, take a look at yourself and then determine if your Christmas has been usurped.

Spirits of Christmases Past

The best defense against a lie is the truth.  But truth isn’t always easily found and proofs for those truths can be elusive.  The ultimate truth, in fact, isn’t really provable.  For those who are scientifically-minded like myself, this fact can be nearly insurmountable.  Faith and logic aren’t incompatible…actually, they’re quite compatible…but the process of becoming an adult typically sees the individual finding a means of ordering their world and, fallible as we are, we usually end up focusing on one or a few characteristics/abilities and structuring our world around them.  The unfortunate part of this is that the things upon which we order our life frequently blind us to other possibilities.  But at times a light shines brightly enough to allow us to see around our blind spots.

Perhaps my favorite bright light is the proofs around the star of Bethlehem.  The explanation in the article is long but well-documented and a worthy read.  Scientifically and historically, it’s quite compelling. But even a message written with the celestial bodies of the heavens themselves won’t be sufficient proof of any ultimate truth; that still takes faith, which you may or may not find.

So, in the spirit of Christmases past, I leave this bright light as a gift for you.  Do with it as you please.

Merry Christmas!

The last year has been quite a roller coaster ride for me. The biggest hills have come about due to a change in how I view the world and making decisions about what to do about it. This blog is a result of a few of those decisions, ones that revolve around getting involved and getting vocal. But these were not the only life-changing/modifying decisions.

So let’s do a little baseline check here of who’s reading this blog and see what decisions you’ve made this past year. What are you doing differently these days? What big decisions (ones you’ve actually acted on) have you made this year?

Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) is one of my favorite freebies. It scans your computer for installed programs and notifies you when they are out of date. This makes keeping your computer FULLY patched much easier and greatly reduces the opportunity for malware to take over your computer.

Well, a new version just came out on Monday (12/20/2010) with a nice new look and the ability for Secunia PSI to automatically update that out-of-date software…you don’t even have to update the software yourself. Previously, this was pretty much a manual process, albeit the fact that it at least TOLD you that you were running out-of-date software was a fantastic leap forward.

Free to use, easy to use, and something I highly recommend running on your computer.

In other forums I’ve had posts and discussions about Net Neutrality. Originally, it was being pushed through Legislation but, now that this route has failed, the Administration is pushing for it through Regulation directly from the FCC. Much has been said about Net Neutrality so many are confused. To help clear up the confusion, I’m posting the following video that explains the major concerns about it in easy to understand terms and examples.

(And a quick note to those of you who consider yourself religious and/or are in the ministry: You need to get off the sidelines because this is aimed directly at YOU.)

(**UPDATE** The FCC approved the Net Neutrality rules on 12/21/2010 along a 3-2 split decision that divided along corresponding Democrat-Republican lines. On the plus side, Congress has stated that they will oppose the new rules and seek to defund the FCC if necessary.)

Happy Hanukkah!

A little seasonal music in honor of Hanukkah.