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Happy Hanukkah!

A little seasonal music in honor of Hanukkah.


A symianopogenic music video from the Minnesotans 4 Global Warming.

Definition: symianopogenic: Monkees-shaped.  (Yes…it’s a made up word for the sake of a play on words.)

Just a little fun with this post. Tea Party people are often portrayed as ignorant (among other charges). Actually, they’re statistically better educated than the average population so imagine the chuckle I got when I found this little video from the Restoring Fear/Sanity rally held in DC on 10/30/2010. Keep in mind that the crowd was less diverse than a Tea Party rally but composed mostly of college age kids…pretty representative of the demographic of Jon Stewart’s and Stephen Colbert’s respective comedy shows…so I should be able to expect they have at least a minimal educational background. Actually, I don’t expect that, but I’m seldom wrong.

And, if you don’t know what a Keynesian is, then this video should be able to explain it sufficiently.

A few months ago, an astro-turf campaign was launched to try and denigrate the Tea Party Movement. It was called F*** TEA (without the asterisks) and it was an epic failure. However, The Army You Have cranked out a song in response to it, “See You in November“, which outlived it and recently published the video for it.

It’s an excellent song and the video is reminiscent of The Monkees.

I love this music video.  The Founding Fathers were radicals by the standards of their day and seeing them portrayed as modern day radicals resonates with me.