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Speak Up or Shut Up

This article from Simon Jenkins (“Free speech can’t exist unchained. US politics needs the tonic of order“) was gnawing at the edges of my psyche most of the day on Sunday.  The article isn’t profound or eloquent.  In a word, it’s “crap”.  But it’s not the ‘quality’ that was gnawing at me, it was that it was so apparently “crap”.  Allow me to destroy it with a simple equation:

Chained speech <> Free speech

That’s it.  That’s all it takes.  Thanks, Simon, for putting the bleeding obvious counter argument to your article in the title.  And, in the event that it was The Guardian that decided on the title, then I give my thanks to you too, Guardian.

Now, let’s get down to what the Guardian article is really about.  Thanks to Andrew Klavan’s latest “Klavan On The Culture”, he’s explained it concisely in the following video so that I don’t have to:

Thanks, Andrew. To everyone else, here’s the take-away: Speak up or shut up. Actually, make that: Speak up or you WILL BE shut up.


In other forums I’ve had posts and discussions about Net Neutrality. Originally, it was being pushed through Legislation but, now that this route has failed, the Administration is pushing for it through Regulation directly from the FCC. Much has been said about Net Neutrality so many are confused. To help clear up the confusion, I’m posting the following video that explains the major concerns about it in easy to understand terms and examples.

(And a quick note to those of you who consider yourself religious and/or are in the ministry: You need to get off the sidelines because this is aimed directly at YOU.)

(**UPDATE** The FCC approved the Net Neutrality rules on 12/21/2010 along a 3-2 split decision that divided along corresponding Democrat-Republican lines. On the plus side, Congress has stated that they will oppose the new rules and seek to defund the FCC if necessary.)