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Happy Hanukkah!

A little seasonal music in honor of Hanukkah.


Implied vs. Actual racism

Edward McClelland of NBC Chicago has a thinly-veiled hit piece posted on Monday, November 29, 2010, against Senator-elect Mark Kirk who was sworn in during the afternoon of that same date: How Mark Kirk Re-Segregates the Senate.  Although Mr. McClelland tries to cover his tracks by saying the following…

This is no slur against Kirk. It’s not a slur against Illinois, either. It shouldn’t be our responsibility to
provide a black senator. It’s a slur against the other 49 states, who refuse to elect a black politician
to the U.S. Senate.

…please allow me to point out the error of his slur.

The key is in the initial qualifier he throws out at the beginning of the article:

Since Reconstruction, there have only been four black senators. Three of them — Carol
Moseley Braun, Barack Obama and Roland Burris — have held the seat that Kirk is about
to occupy. (Emphasis is mine.)

So, what does “since Reconstruction” really mean and why did Mr. McClelland feel it was necessary to use this delimiter?  Well, folks, facts are funny things and here are the facts.  There have been six black U.S. Senators and Illinois was by no means the first.

  1. Hiram Rhodes Revels (R-MS) 1870-1871
  2. Blanche Bruce (R-MS) 1875-1881
  3. Everett Dirksen (R-IL) 1967-1979
  4. Carol Moseley Braun (D-IL) 1993-1999
  5. Barack Obama (D-IL) 2005-2008
  6. Roland Burris (D-IL) 2009-2010

As you can see, his statement only sounds good when you don’t include Reconstruction (either 1863-1877 or 1865-1877, depending on how you want to define it) and Illinois is neither the only state to have elected a black U.S. Senator nor the first.  Mississippi holds that honor.  But if you don’t know your history, you might have been misled to believe that Illinois had.

And just for fun, you may want to note that both the Republican and Democrat parties have each had 3 black senators, the Republican senators have served more years (R-19 years, D-10 years), and the longest serving senator was a Republican…from Illinois.

But let’s go a little further with this and ask a few questions of our own.  Why, when talking about blacks and politics, do so many people want to throw out the Reconstruction era?  Why was there a gap in black senators between 1881 and 1967?  Why have the Republicans, after having fielded the first three black senators, not fielded one since?  Conversely, why have all black senators since 1979 been Democrats?

I have answers for these questions but I believe it best for people to put a little of their own effort into finding answers.  To that end, I offer up the following videos for your education:

“From Bondage to the Halls of Congress”

“The Civil Rights Movement” (Part 1)

“The Civil Rights Movement” (Part 2)

Once you’ve viewed these videos, you’ll understand MY title and see that Mr. McClelland’s piece IMPLIES racism where none exists while trying to hide through obfuscation ACTUAL racism in regard to HOW and WHEN Congress was really re-segregated decades ago…not during the 2010 midterms.

Sigh…another natural phenomenon attributed to global warming when it’s not.  The article here says that the world’s largest lakes are warming.  That may be true but it’s not due to global warming.  The reason is that the world’s largest lakes (freshwater) were carved out by glaciers during the last ice age and filled up when they melted (yes, the end of the ice age WAS due to global warming but it was not man-made).  When those glaciers were standing, their weight caused compression of the earth’s crust beneath them.  Once they melted (and filled the lakes with fresh water), the pressure/weight was released (because most of the water flowed elsewhere) and the crust has been slowly rebounding (rising) ever since.

So, what happens when a body of water becomes shallower over time?  It’s temperature increases because sunlight is able to penetrate a greater percentage of the water’s depth.  Ta-DA!  A natural explanation that is verifiable and does not require man-made global warming to explain it.  In fact, localized warming around the lakes is actually explained by the rising of the lake bottom and doesn’t require man-made global warming to do so.

(Note: I did notice that the article never claimed “man-made” global warming but they also didn’t mention that this is a natural occurrence.)

I wish that I could say that my title was just a little overly dramatic in order to drive traffic to the blog…but it’s not.  The big deal is that China and Russia announced today a change in their monetary policy that directly and negatively impacts the U.S.  However, it’s not China’s and Russia’s fault: it’s the U.S.’s fault because of what we’re doing (specifically, Quantitative Easing [QE]).

Here’s what’s happened: China and Russia are now actively decoupling their currencies from the U.S. because we’re printing money to devalue our national debt in the name of stimulating the economy.  This QE has been tried around the world in the past and it ALWAYS FAILS and ALWAYS DESTROYS the economy.  So China and Russia are stepping away from what has been in the international standard currency (U.S. dollars) in order to keep the U.S. from dragging them down.  But here’s the rub: the U.S.’s QE moves DEPEND on the rest of the world staying coupled with the U.S. dollar.  If other nations decouple, our currency will go into free-fall (i.e., hyper-inflation, extreme price fluctuations, lots of really nasty things and destroy countries and individual lives).

Here’s the article from the International Business Times: China, Russia to dump US dollar for bilateral trade

And for information about what Quantitative Easing is, check out “The Dummy’s Guide to QE2”:


So, what do you do to protect yourself against an economic collapse?
– God
– Guns
– Goods
– Gold


U.S. Rep. Dan Maffei (D) concedes Ann Marie Buerkle (R) in New York’s 25th Congressional District

U.S. Rep. Solomon P. Ortiz (D) concedes to Blake Farenthold (R) in Texas’ 27th Congressional District 

…and there are still a few more to be decided.  The election tsunami continues.

** UPDATE **
At the state level, 13 Democrats have switched to the Republican party.

The main issue with defections are that they’re typically conservative-leaning moderates.  The bad word here is ‘moderates’.  So, while this is good news for a conservative-leaning political caucus, it also means that infighting is guaranteed.

Finally found a nice Q and A from Bruce Schneier, security guru, about the TSA security procedures. As I’ve said elsewhere, it’s security theater and absolutely worthless. The new full-body scanners provide no more security than what previous screening scanners (metal detectors) and techniques provided. In fact, they make the situation worse because they give the impression that people are more secure…and that actually DECREASES security.

Check out Bruce’s Q&A on Popular Mechanics’ article here.

Just in case you don’t know what happened to the promised economic recovery, this humorous video will make it clear.

The bottom line is that government IS the problem.

(h/t to NewZeal)

Nice primer from our friends across the pond via our other friends on the other side of the other pond.  If you don’t understand why public sector (government) jobs hurt the economy, this video will explain it to you.  If you do understand why this damages the private sector (any job NOT in government), you might still want to watch the video so that you can explain it to your less enlightened friends.

(h/t: NewZeal‘s article “The Idiots Guide to the Destructiveness of Public Spending”)

GM’s IPO is under way and, even at the rate the stock is selling, the U.S. taxpayers will still be owed over $9 billion.

New job creation is at it’s lowest level in over 18 years…and last year was the 2nd lowest level.

“Communist China forced its Roman Catholics to cut ties with the Vatican in 1951, and worship is allowed only in state-backed churches, although millions of Chinese belong to unofficial congregations loyal to Rome.”

Just a little humor in this post.  Dana Loesch of The Dana Show on FM NewsTalk 97.1 is taking nominations for czar positions in honor of the inordinate number of czars appointed by the POTUS Obama.  Naturally, I’ve written in and requested to be appointed as blog czar.  Since I AM The Blog Czar, I hope to be appointed immediately.  As the official blog czar, I promise to rule with an Iron Fist and Impunity Hope and Change.